Check a big one off the bucket list!


Dr. Tom Braddock of West Point, Mississippi, who practiced medicine for 60 years and delivered at least half the babies in Clay County,  is now free to play golf every chance he gets.  This day was more  memorable than most.

After playing golf at least two times a week for 75 (or more) years, he shot a hole in one!!!

It was on hole number 12 at the legendary Old Waverly Country Club.  He didn’t get all the hoopla.  Just seemed like any other day.  In fact, he didn’t even realize it went in the hole.

“I thought it went in the woods,” he commented.  He is pictured here with his Col. Rebel Golf Club.  Congratulations Daddy. You are the best.

5 thoughts on “Check a big one off the bucket list!

  1. Congratulations Dr. Braddock!! Robert Craig, Eddie Gandy and I could have used you on our Class of 64 Reunion team.

  2. Emily,
    Will have to tell my buddy up in Ft. Worth about your dad. She’s an avid golfer and will love hearing about his first hole-in-one.

  3. A hole in one on a minuature golf course is not easy! That is quite a feat! Give him a congratualatory hug for me.

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