Check one off the Bucket List

music marathon.jpg We received our final photos today from the officials of the  Country Music Half Marathon held last weekend in Nashville.

The shot at left was clicked the moment Marie, Jill and I crossed the finish line.  We officially finished in 3 hours, 38 minutes and 15 seconds – the time showing at the upper corner is the time that lapsed since the “real” runners took off.

We were so far toward the end that we didn’t actually leave our corrall until 9:08 which accounts for the discrepancy in times.  Just so you know I wasn’t fudging on the time!

As you can probably surmise, Marie at left and Jill at right are dragging me along. That is not a smile on my face, it’s somewhere between a grimace and a howl.

Oh, but it felt so good to finish.

judy At left, you see Judy crossing the finish line almost 30 minutes ahead of us. Incidentally, she placed third in the Market Street 5-K held Saturday in Columbus.

The thing is, Judy is the senior member of our group and she’s the fastest.  She gives us all something to shoot for.

Okay,  we’re done with the half marathon. The next item on the Bucket List is the Appalachian Trail. I think it’s 2,000 miles.  Anyone taking bets on this one?

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