Check out my new ride!

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There’s no greater feeling of  gloom, than taking a day trip, and returning to your humble abode to fine a Bobcat back hoe parked in your space and a big hole in your back yard.

I called a plumber six months ago and he never showed up.  I called another five months ago and he showed up but was afraid to crawl under my house.  Four months ago I called a plumber who went under the house and delivered me a bill for $283 and said I was fine. (Call me, I’ll give you his name.)

Three months ago, I had swine flu and chose to ignore the continuing menacing signs that plumbing might be a problem.  Two months ago, my Termenix  man said I had a huge leak under the house and gave me a reputable plumber’s name.  One month ago, I called him.

Today he showed up while I was in Florence, Ala. attending the funeral of a family member.

He brought an army of equipment and proceeded to diagnose my illness as we carried on a conversation via cell phone. Thankfully, my son Braddock rushed over to give Lucky a tranquilizer and get the goods on these people.

He thinks they are reputable and that I should let them proceed to dig up my drive way and perhaps my yard.  But he left the keys in his back hoe and I’m taking a ride around the block!

3 thoughts on “Check out my new ride!

  1. If you happened to trip over a good one in Starkville who actually fixed the problem, please let us know who he is!!!!!!

  2. You know I’d be driving that thing around if I were there. I’m an expert on Backhoe’s/frontend loaders. I’d have half of Starkville torn up by now. LOL

  3. Drive your back hoe on over – we will have a ball. Funny story – several years ago one of my renters called me to say there was a “tobacco” in her yard. “What?” I asked. She insisted a tobacco was in her yard – a big ole machine. I drove over there and found the city of Starkville had left their backhoe in her yard after doing some work. She said all her life she heard her Daddy talk about da back hoe which to her sounded like tobacco.

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