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The view from our mountain top cabin this a.m. Stunning!

My little adventure club just returned from our dream weekend in North Carolina.  Our mission was to ride the rapids and hike the Appalachian trail.  We succeed at both, but had a few exciting surprises along the way – our bucket list was way too short!

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Our first encounter, barely out of Georgia,  was with a group of bikers who seemed to enjoy offering older women free rides.

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nantahala 013We accepted, and knew from the get go, this weekend would be way more than we’d paid for.

From there, we began climbing higher and higher until we reached our destination –Paradise Found – almost.

We arrived after dark, got stuck and began to slip off the mountain – literally,  toward a dangerous ravine. Out of nowhere came our guardian angel, Chester.

Marie and I were skeptical and  joked about how he was probably “Chester, the Molester,” but he turned out to be the most wonderful, compassionate man.

Chester drove our SUV to safety and gave us his own four-wheel vehicle to use for the remaining three days of our trip so we could get up and down the mountain.

nantahala 019This man had never seen us before and couldn’t have known if we weren’t a 21st century pack of Lizzie Bordens.

The folks in North Carolina are reminders of a kinder, gentler time when people helped each other and expected nothing in return.

To calm our frayed nerves on that first night,  Jill made us some “S’Mores” and we went to bed in our wonderful new home with great expectations of white water rafting and hiking the great Appalachian Trail – a long-time dream of mine.  I had no idea how close it was.

If you’re looking for a fabulous and reasonably priced place to get away and recharge your batteries, let me tell you about Watershed Cabins near Murphy, North Carolina.  I can’t imagine any better accommodations or treatment by the owners.

I’ll be going back many times and will share the phone numbers if you’re interested.  Tomorrow, maybe I will tell you about our experience attending a Moonshine tasting  and the fashion statement we made on the white water rapids.  Maybe not.

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