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Amid reports of more than 500 dogs sickened by chicken jerky pet treats imported from China, government health officials are ramping up port inspections for dangerous toxins.


I didn’t know about this until Yvonne e-mailed me this morning.  She is a poultry expert and closely monitors matters pertaining to our food supply. Immediately I checked my  treats and sure enough, they were poultry based and from China.

“I have been disturbed by Chinese dog treats, especially jerky for a couple of years,” she said.  “It started when there was a ban on all poultry from China coming into the U.S. due to bird flu.  That wasn’t a real problem, but I wondered how the treats were still coming under the ban.  Well, now the jerky is under investigation..”

News stories specifically mention Waggin’ Train brand  chicken jerky treats.  So check your treats and look for American made the next time you want to treat your puppy

“The irony is that when I checked at our beloved Fred’s on Montgomery, American made treats were cheaper,” Yvonne noted.

Food and Drug Administration officials have begun collecting and testing chicken jerky treats upon import, analyzing samples for evidence of melamine, the suspicious ingredient.

Melamine-tainted imported pet food sickened and killed thousands of dogs and cats in the U.S. in 2007, leading to massive recalls and criminal indictments of Chinese and American pet food executives.  The majority of tainted treats have been showing up in the eastern part of the country, but play it safe and buy American.

Ingestion of tainted treats can cause renal failure and ultimately death.

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