Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just exhausting


Last night, after my girl friends had all gone home – except Lota who spent the night so we could catch up- we had a male caller.

Larry is a new friend and he stopped by to see the pictures from our class reunion several weeks ago and to meet Lota.  He is a 1965 graduate of Starkville High School and dated one of our girl friends from The Point.


So anyway, I was still cleaning up from the birthday luncheon and he and Lota were engaged in a deep conversation.  I noticed each time I jumped up to do this or that, he stood.  He remained that way until I sat back down.

Suddenly I realized what he was doing.  His early conditioning wouldn’t allow the man to sit if a lady was standing in his presence.  I was just so darned  tickled to still be considered “a lady” that it fascinated me.

Isn’t that remarkable in this day and age?  Then, I remembered my class reunion two weeks ago and how my escort, Conley, did the same thing.  He said that if he hadn’t stood when a lady approached, he would hear the voice of his late mother, Naomi Cox, chastising him unrelentingly.

Bless the souls of all males of a certain era who still show that much respect.  Of course, it certainly isn’t necessary any longer and sometimes we don’t deserve it, but still, it’s very endearing.

As a test I told Larry not to stand, when I had to jump up to clean out the dishwasher, put away the cream etc. etc. etc.  He really couldn’t do it. He rose ever so slightly. 

Old habits die hard, but they can be so exhausting.

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