Christmas hang-overs


I wish I could say my computer has been down, but to be honest I got a brand new one from one son, and an IPad from another.

Since my learning curve grows wider every day, I’m having technical difficulties learning the new systems. 

Plus I have my  big new hi-def television set to occupy almost every waking minute.  Braddock loaded it with every movie ever made.


All this excitement has caused me to take a vacation from Diva talk.  But I guess I’m back – but very uncomfortable since my jeans have shrunk about two sizes.  My washing machine must be on the blink again!

Today, I’m wading through all that wadded up wrapping paper and hundreds of boxes with zilch motivation to get things back in order.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and are doing a better job of cleaning it up than I am.

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