Christmas in Nashville


It was a real let-down to return to the Ghetto last night after four glorious days spent with son William at his luxury hotel in Nashville.

Part of my family is pictured above in the penthouse suite which was awash in a fabulous original art collection by resident artist Harold Kraus. His unique use of the color red has spawned the name Kraus Red on the Sherwin Williams color wheel.

Xmas in Nashville 002 The suite at the Vanderbilt Loews Hotel contained three bedrooms and four baths, and I bathed in the Jacuzzi while watching the last minute shoppers scurry up and down West End Boulevard.

We dined on fabulous food prepared by the hotel chef and sat by some very famous people (who William made me promise not to reveal – against hotel policy.  But their names rhyme with Niece Ditherspoon.)

ramily in lr

He was able to get the presidential suite – yes, the one occupied by the Obamas and their entourage – when they visited in Nashville for the presidential debates last year.

Even Lucky Dawg, Rebel and Tubby (Rebel’s brother) were welcome.  It’s a very pet friendly hotel.

It’s also a football friendly property – the entire Titan team stays there the night before each home game.  That’s probably why they lost on Christmas night – too pampered.  I rode up and down the elevator about 20 times to meet them.  I’ve never seen so many beautiful men at one time.

dining room William had even put up a Christmas tree and catered in Honey Baked Turkey and Ham with all the fixins for between meal snacking.

What a guilty pleasure – first time I haven’t done Christmas cooking in more than 35 years and let me say, this is the way to go.

I’ll tell you about our Christmas dinner later – first must unpack and try to get used to my old digs which look downright shabby!

As Daddy prepared to leave yesterday, he said “My memory is terrible, but this is one Christmas I’ll never forget!”  Ditto for me.  I hinted that we do it again for Easter.

Xmas in Nashville 035

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