Christmas is over – pull out the stretch pants

smas over

The holidays are drawing to a close, but I have warm memories to stay with me the entire year along with a few extra pounds. 

I must have had a great Christmas judging from my bank account and my stretch pants.  Both have magically shrunk.

Suddenly those Kodak moments on TV have been replaced by ads for home delivered food, miracle underwear, and infomercials for home gyms. Madison Avenue knows that we’ve indulged in that second piece of pie, that sparkling libation, and that bit of chocolate delight once too often.

hand-holding-stopwatch I ran across an article in a health magazine entitled “Get fit in Six Minutes a Week.”  I hate the thought of 30 minutes a day, so six minutes a week put a spring into my step.

According to the article, a study showed that rats which swam intensely in short intervals followed by a period of rest were just as in shape as the poor slobs who were made to work out for six hours a day.

One of the leading proponents of shorter, more intense workouts is Dr. Martin Gibala at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. In one recent study, Gibala had one group of healthy but not athletic college students ride a stationary bike at a moderate level for between 90 and 120 minutes.

A second group of students completed a series of short, very intense intervals by cycling for 20 to 30 seconds for as hard as they could. These students would then rest for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat the cycle four to six times.

Each group exercised three times a week, but while the first group spent up to two hours on the bike, the second group only spent 2 to 3 minutes pedaling. After two weeks, researchers found that both groups had achieved nearly identical increases in their endurance. Researchers also found both groups exhibited molecular changes in mitochondria that signal increased fitness.

Wow. This news lit a candle in the dark place that I call my fitness routine.

2 thoughts on “Christmas is over – pull out the stretch pants

  1. You could prolong the celebration and delay the retribution. The Epiphany, Jan. 6, is the last day of Christmas, a day much celebrated at my house, the day my son was born, a last Christmas gift.

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