Class of ‘65 coming together


My high school class, which matriculated in May of 1965 (I love that word matriculated – sounds like we transformed ourselves somehow from whiney babies into college sophisticates) will be reuniting on August 6.

I can’t wait to see the old gang and remember ole times. We have more than 50 classmates registered for the reunion. I wish we could get them all back. But life gets in the way sometimes – some ten are no longer living and I will miss them the most.


The Beatles made headlines the summer before our senior year when we were swimming at Officer’s Lake and testing the waters of first love.

We thought the Beatles were pretty cooool.  We even used that word before it was mispronounced “cul” the way kids use it today.

Our parents complained about them the way I complain about the thud thud music that cruises by my house these days, rattling my windows and raising my blood pressure.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  You think?

8 thoughts on “Class of ‘65 coming together

  1. Hey, Emily, I’ve just got to ask who’s vintage Mustang? I finally bought a ’66 Mustang (which was the first car a owned) and had it restored. It’s like a new baby. Guess I am into my second childhood or teenagerhood.

  2. The Starkville High School class of 1965 celebrated our 45th reunion in May and we had a wonderful time. The committee asked everyone to submit their life story since high school and they bound the stories in a booklet for us along with everyone’s current addresses, etc. What a treasure! Hope you all have as much fun as we did.

  3. I didn’t realize you were in that class, Suzanne. I visited with some of your classmates at the function over at the Dooey. The women looked fabulous, can’t say as much for the guys. Sorry I missed you.

  4. The car was not “all mine”…but shared with my family…Daddy, mostly.
    I did drive it to MSU when I lived at home and carpooled everyday.

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