Col. Rebel or Colonel Sanders?


Sorry about the photo quality but I was doing some “drive-by shooting” today with my trusty Olympus.

My friend Constance Walker, who lives in my most favorite house in Starkville, put out Thanksgiving decorations which consisted of two stuffed scarecrows and some pumpkins.

Knowing what devoted Mississippi State fans Constance and Carroll are, I did a double take when I drove by.

The characters from a distance look just Col. Rebel.  Have my friends been closet Rebel fans all these years?  I asked Constance and she was horrified.

“No!  Those aren’t Col. Rebel,” she declared.  But she went out and took a closer look.  The big hat, the white goatee, the red and blue outfits, perhaps they do look like Col. Rebel, she admitted.

With the Egg Bowl tomorrow, I hope she gets them off the porch before someone hangs them in effigy.

7 thoughts on “Col. Rebel or Colonel Sanders?

  1. Pardone. I forget everyone doesn’t live in the Golden Triangle. The Egg Bowl is the annual clash between arch rivals Ole Miss and Mississippi State University. I always dread this day because I feel so disloyal cheering against my alma mater. But I LIVE in Starkville and if I want to stay here and live in peace, I’d better bring a cow bell. But I’ll be wearing my Ole Miss underwear! And whoever wins, I’ll be happy.

  2. Emily, that is my favorite house in Starkville, too! So glad the Walker family is enjoying it now. If I remember correctly, that house was built in 1903 and my parents, Clay and Caroline Simmons, purchased it in 1963 and lived there until the early 1980’s when they moved to Greensboro Street. I see my brother, Roger, has responded to this article, too.

  3. Yes, I was raised in that house. Great memories for sure. We live in Vicksburg now but Starkville will always be home. Wish I was there today to enjoy the victory party!

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