Come here Honey, ‘Splain yo’self!

I  fear my taste in music has taken a nosedive. I’ve gone from Classical  to something almost unidentifiable. I’m fascinated with American Folk Music as evidenced by the work of Coley Jones – no relation that I know of. You can hear one of his more bizarre tunes, which was recorded in 1952, by clicking below. Enjoy! (Miss Nell, my voice teacher, is turning over in her grave about now.)

Drunkards Special by Coley Jones

Man, woman, and mule

Mississippi Boweavil Blues by Masked Marvel

2 thoughts on “Come here Honey, ‘Splain yo’self!

  1. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing these – I love this kind of music. My husband laughs, but he should talk, as he’s got ’78’s, including The Chicken Song (by I-know-not-whom) of lots of this fun stuff. Everyone’s got to go out and learn to play an acoustic instrument and make up crazy songs and learn the old ones. 🙂

  2. Thanks Sunshine. I love the Drunkard song so much I’ve memorized it and sing it while working in the garden. I’m sure the neighbors think I’m drinking as I let out a yell “Come her honey, splain yoself to me – there’s another head on the pillow where my head ought to be.” Love it.

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