Computer burned up like piece of toast

burned up computer

Rest in peace old friend…

I guess you can file this under the topic “public service announcement.”  Perhaps I can spare some of our readers the same fate that descended on my house this morning.

I have become a “computer widow.” I sat down at the computer (I call him Dell) with my morning coffee,  and picked up on sickening rubbery smell in my home office.  The computer screen was screaming a warning that something was desperately wrong and it was making a strange sound  I can only describe as “heavy breathing.” 

I cut it on and off like Braddock taught me, and still got the same message. I called “B” and he walked me though a checklist of possibilities.  When all failed, he said it didn’t look good, but he would stop by.

I never realized how much I have become addicted to my old Dell laptop.  I wandered around the house twiddling my thumbs while I waited for Dr. Braddock, the computer specialist,  to arrive.  When he did, it took him exactly 10 seconds to diagnose the problem – little did I know, the patient had already expired.  Too late for resuscitation.

Here’s what happened.  It’s a wonder I didn’t burn down my house.  I had stuck a piece of  paper under the computer – it was a sort of cheat sheet of all my various user names and passwords.  It had been under there for weeks.  It was burned to a crisp.  Apparently it had covered up the tiny exhaust fan thing-a-ma-doochy which is on the bottom of the computer.  With no air to circulate, the motor (or whatever drives a computer) burned slap up!  If you check the paper in the photo you can see the burn marks.

B told me horror  stories of other clients who stacked books around their computers and suffered the same fate.

Did you know that you should never place a laptop on a bed spread or any other flammable item and leave it unattended- and even on your desk, the computer should be turned off and allowed to cool periodically.  Mine stayed on 24/7 because it took so long to boot up.

So there you have it.  I’ve been “off-line” for 24 hours and feeling a little shaky.  Thankfully, B loaned me his laptop until we can get a new one ordered.  He had to transfer data from the old unit to his.  Still not a 100 percent reconnected. He said I need a new computer anyway and will be much happier with a more recent model.  Some of the letters had been worn off  Dell’s keys and I was having a hard time telling the difference in the M and the N and the E and R.  Hey!  Maybe that’s why I had so many typos!

Right now I am planning a funeral and burial for Dell.  We even slept together for Pete’s sakes.   Don’t send flowers, I prefer chocolates.

3 thoughts on “Computer burned up like piece of toast

  1. thanks for this timely message. I’ve been sitting in my with my laptop, and knew something was wrong when my legs kept burning. thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks Emily—–you may have saved lots of lives. I will admit to being careless about how I use my laptop——but, no more.

    Shirley D.

  3. Sorry to hear about the death — happens though. Laptops have an expiration date sadly… And some laptops get hotter than others. I was recently issued a macbook pro and it gets REALLY hot. it was meant to place on a desk and use – not a lap. 🙂

    So are you going to puchase another Dell? Kirk and I recently purchased an Acer laptop and we are REALLY happy with it. They are not as expensive as Dell can be. And we haven’t had any problems out of it. Going on about 8 months now (I think).

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