Confusion has nothing to do with age


My high school girlfriends are all excited about going to visit Hazel – not her real name, but that’s what we’ve called her since 6th grade.  She flew the coop 40 years ago when she moved out west and we lost touch.

Recently she returned to Mississippi and has settled on the Mississippi coast – Pass Christian.  Of course, we head down to spend time with her whenever she will have us. July seemed like a good time to celebrate our mutual entry into official ole lady hell.


We made plans to leave the day after Independence Day – seemed fitting. (Has anyone else noticed Lady Liberty is putting on a few pounds? Must be menopause.)

We would stay until July 8.  Unfortunately no one remembered to  tell Hazel, and she still had us on her calendar for July 12 – 15 which was a date we may have mentioned at during our last “sleep over”  last winter.

I talked to her today and before hanging up i said “See you Thursday.”

“Wait,” she said.  “You are coming on Thursday, July 12, right?”

“Nope, wrong,” I said.  “What is today?

“Thursday.  I know because it’s garbage day,” she announced, and I knew she was correct when I glanced over at my waste can and saw it was empty.

I clarified, “We are coming on July 5, the day after July 4,” like no one but me could figure that out.

“I had it on my calendar for July 12, the day after July 11,” she smarted off. “But the 5th will be good too.”

Isn’t it funny that when you retire, the days of the week don’t make much difference unless it’s garbage day. Keeps you anchored.

One thought on “Confusion has nothing to do with age

  1. Hells-Bells

    That’s my problem. I know now. We have two garbage pickups. Regular Garbage on Tuesday and Recycle on Thursday.

    No wonder I never know what day it is ? I can’t remember the difference between
    the Blue can and the Green Can ?

    Now I have to remember what is what… Oh well….not a problem. Tomorrow is Sunday (?) hmmm, I think ?

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