Cost cutting measures: On everyone’s mind


Seems every morning television program today led with a feature on how to save money in these uncertain economic times. You know the routine – eat at home more, don’t shop while you’re hungry. Yada, yada, yada.

Several Deluded Divas have sent me tips that are much more practical. Paula commented on one I reported several weeks ago. She wrote:

“Oh My God, I just had to let you know. I got a bargain on some lemons today, and I remembered you had something on your web site about cleaning with them. I pulled up the article, and went to work!! My copper pots never looked better. Can’t wait to make up the furniture polish. Thanks, girl.”

Most of these tips originate at a website you might want to check out. It’s free and you may subscribe at

Here are a few tips I gleaned over the past few weeks that might be helpful:

Watch what you’re spending on “convenience”

The premium on shortcut foods — marinated chicken breasts, cut vegetables, washed lettuce — is enormous, so compare prices of the prepared version and the normal version, then decide whether the premium is worth the time you’ll save.

Take lettuce. You can get a head of romaine for $1.99 or a bag of Earthgreens organic romaine hearts for $3.99. Would you pay someone $2 to chop and wash your lettuce? I wouldn’t – at least not on a lazy Saturday afternoon. However, I might if I have company coming and it’s all I can do to get the sheets changed on the beds. (Or if James Patterson releases a new murder mystery – on second thought, forget the salad altogether!)

No doubt, if I did a better job of planning ahead, I wouldn’t be making these ridiculous pricey purchases.

Homemade Carpet Freshener

Freshening carpet is a breeze when you mix one teaspoon of cinnamon or other great smelling spice into 16 ounces of baking soda. Sprinkle on your carpet before vacuuming.

This carpet freshener costs a mere pennies and has a wonderfully clean fragrance. You can adjust the amount of cinnamon if the fragrance proves to be overwhelming or is not
strong enough. I discovered Rebel was using a straw basket for his emergency toilet. Unfortunately he missed the basket more times than not, and I have been unable to get the smell to go away after purchasing no less than five products. This worked better than any of them – though it took the addition of a little cayenne pepper to cure him completely.

Easy Cold Prevention

Here’s an interesting tip. With cough and cold season rapidly approaching, we’re all dreading those inevitable coughs and colds.

An allergy doctor reports that the best way to prevent those seasonal bugs from getting into your home and running through your family is to buy a bottle of
sterile saline nasal spray to clean your nose upon returning home from a gathering of people who may have unknowingly passed the germs along.

Apparently, this practice flushes most of the bugs away. Even if it reduces the number of colds you get by one or two, it will be worth it in savings for cough drops, tissues, and
over-the-counter cough medicines and maybe something more serious.

Send me any other tips you’ve discovered so I can add them to our list…. Thanks.

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  1. Emily,
    I meant “Don’t stop while you’re hungry!” Sorry about that. Please edit for me.

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