Could Rebel Dawg be a vegetarian?

rebel nd carrot 012

I bought some of that “tasty and healthy” dog food for Lucky Dawg and Rebel and  neither were very impressed.  In fact, I was afraid they were both starving to death.

So, when I finished my Irish stew just now (I know, I know, St. Pats was three days ago, but I needed a theme for my “girl’s luncheon” tomorrow), so I spooned a big old helping on top of the healthy kibble.

Lucky was pretty excited about it; Rebel turned up his nose and wandered out  back.  But I’m wondering, if Rebel won’t eat it, what about my guests?

Oh well, by now, my friends know they should eat before they come to lunch at my house.

rebel vetetazrian 003

A few moments later, I walked out back to my compost pile, and there was Rebel with lettuce hanging out of one side of his mouth. I tossed a carrot stick and he chased it like a chew bone.

I was so proud.  My Boston Terrier, a health freak!

I put that carrot stick in the compost pile because I detest carrots, but an Irish stew REQUIRES the ingredient. I have 12 more carrots which would die in my vegetable drawer.  Happily, they become “Dog Treats.”

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