Could wearing make-up save your life?


Ladies . . . if you’ve reached an age where you no longer feel the need to put on makeup every day . . . then that’s your prerogative.  I still recall my delight when at the age of 13 my mother let me buy a tube of lipstick.

Next came eye liner, blushers, and all sorts of embellishments that have become humdrum and no longer fun to apply.

In fact, it’s a chore.

But I’m getting back into the routine since I read an article that skipping the make-up might actually be bad for your health.

Recently, researchers at the University of St. Etienne in France conducted a study comparing the BALANCE and COORDINATION of women who put on makeup every day . . . with those who don’t.

What they found is that the act of applying makeup every day improves a woman’s balance and posture . . . and makes her less likely to suffer a fall.

A woman named Dr. Patricia Pineau led the study. She says, “Women [who wore makeup] stood straight and suffered fewer falls. They held themselves differently to those who did not wear makeup.”  I’m not sure that computes, but it was enough to drive me to my “spackling table” this morning to put on my party face.

At least, if I do fall, I’ll look good when the medics come to take me to the emergency room.

2 thoughts on “Could wearing make-up save your life?

  1. I think we women feel better about ourselves when we look our best, which in my case, is with makeup. Even if it is only mascara, blush and lipstick, it makes me feel younger! My mother put on her make-up everyday until she was too weak to do so by herself.

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