Cramming for a garden tour

my garden - feature for papaer 005

I feel like a college freshman who never went to class and had to cram all night for the final exam.

The local newspaper called on Monday to ask if they could come take photos and do a feature on my garden.

Of course, I said yes, knowing full well I would kill myself with only four days to turn my ragged stomping ground into something worth photographing.  With a lot of help from my neighbor Brenda, and a few scurrilous and almost tacky

my garden - feature for papaer 002

tweaks, we pulled it off (I think).  Tackiest of all is the fake flower in my pot of Apostle lilies (below).  You must understand my courtyard is under an umbrella of old oaks and sunlight never gets through.  The only color I can produce is with impatients and a tiny bit of subterfuge.

fountain 002


my garden - feature for papaer 004

My prize possession is a garden object d’art that my friend Norma gave me (at left).  It says “I believe in the power of tomorrow.”  She knows me well.  After polishing off a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, I know I can get up and go to the gym and work it off.  All’s forgiven.

I didn’t realize how chaotic my garden is until I saw it through the view finder of my camera.

I hope the newspaper can edit out some of the clutter.

If nothing else, the experience forced me to clean up my back courtyard where all these photos were taken.  I have no idea what the editor photographed out front.

9 thoughts on “Cramming for a garden tour

  1. It looks great! I love the “tacky” flower. I used to admire a house in Flowood that I saw on the way to the airport. There were always beautiful flowers and seasonal greenery growing in the front yard. Imagine my shock when I learned they were all artificial! It was still a glorious site.

  2. Doesn’t look like the same garden,when do the tours begin? I’m impressed!Knew you would come through. I want to book you and Brenda for this 3 acres I have.

  3. Your garden looks so interesting. This is not surprising, knowing the gardener. I would love a private tour!

  4. I could have sworn this was a Felder Rushing garden. I think he’d give you kudos for creativity in deep shade.

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