Craziness postpones Christmas cheer


The deluded diva has been experiencing a series of weird events – weirder than usual  – which accounts for lack of time and inspiration to keep up with this website.

My son, Braddock and I have spent the past two weeks dealing with law enforcement and Justice Court to evict a tenant who has taken insanity to a new level.  Finally, yesterday Judge Mills ruled the tenant must vacate within 10 days.  I can’t tell you how relieved I am, but I still worry what the woman might do during the next ten days.

In a nutshell (tee hee, that’s prophetic) she is paranoid and has barricaded herself inside a town house I own.  She has a dog she claims is trained to attack men and she has nailed spikes around her porch railing to prevent me or anyone else form entering the residence.

She told her neighbor that she can’t take the dog outside so the  has turned her spare room into a doggy potty.  Oh joy.  That should be fun rehabbing.

She claims she is being bugged by law enforcement and that someone from Arkansas has tracked her here to kill her.  She claims to have a degree in pharmacy, architecture and just passed the bar in Arkansas.

Wow. All this from a woman who has no job and never leaves the house.  She has taken up with a religious faction that is paying her rent and generally supporting her.

She claimed that law enforcement has placed a GPS tracking device on her vehicle so they will know where she is at all times.  She admitted she has weapons in her possession and I learned from a police report that she shot through her front door at her last residence when she thought she heard an intruder.  The implications of this scare me to death.  My townhouse is adjacent to a park where children play.

In another police report, she stated that her stalkers have installed an “annoyotron” in her home which emits a high pitched sound that humans cannot hear but will make them sick to their stomach.

She claims someone broke into my unit last week and slashed her mattress.  I asked how anyone could have gotten in what with the attack dog, three locks and the spiked barricade.  She responded “You and your son let them in!.”

Many thanks to Chief David Linley, Sheriff Dolph Bryan, Sergeant Shawn Word and Judge Mills who helped us.  Since I was temporarily sidelined by a pinched nerve, they went out of their way to help.

Our hope is that this church group will stop imposing this woman on poor smucks like me,  and get her the professional help she needs.

10 thoughts on “Craziness postpones Christmas cheer

  1. That type of thing is why we sold our rental houses and gave up being landlords. My horror stories can’t top yours, but they were pretty bad.

  2. Emily—-we had a very similar case———and, Tom and I personally moved all her belongings from a second story apartment during the summer! Thank heavens we were much younger then!! Old folks cannot tend to apartments. It is a job for the young and energetic! (We had to get papers to do this from a judge.)

    Shirley D.

  3. Come to think of it——have I ever told you about the tenant who changed the oil in his motorcycle in the living room of an apartment?????

    Shirley D.

  4. O My, I have had the pleasure of meeting this lady!!! She told me the very same things but her last “attack dog” was poisoned by a farmer in Arkansas..

  5. She told me all this stuff while we were waiting for appts at a dental office!!! I dont know her but I knew this had to be the same person….. there just could’nt be two people with that same story. ha

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