Cruisin’ the coast

Hazle's 032

The deluded divas have been engaged in a great adventure for the last few days, and blogging was out of the question. It was replaced with gambling, dining, reminiscing and a whole lot of laughter. The photo above was made at dusk from the back seat of Marie’s “Cougar Mobile.” We were lost as usual, driving around trying to find the Palace Casino (a no smoking one) to rejoin the other half of our party.

Several of our childhood girl friends from The Point journeyed to Pass Christian to see Hazle’s new home.  She was my college roommate and the brave one in our group who wandered across the country for 40 years before finally returning to her roots in Mississippi albeit in that foreign country we north Mississippians call The Coast.


Hazle's 015


That’s Hazel standing.  She was the greatest hostess and I’m wondering if she slept for 10 straight hours like I did after the weekend was over.

Hazle's 021

We were delighted by a visit from our other wandering friend – Carolyn Mitchell, at left.  You would know her by another name.  She’s changed it – probably to avoid the law.

At right is Barton – also not her real name.  She moved away from The Point before we finished high school, but she says we were the only “Real People” she encountered from that point forward.

Hazle's 026

Hazle's 031 Of course, the one guy we’ve allowed in our little pop cult is Gary – pronounced Gaaa. ry’.  He’s getting some instruction from Norma on the joys of Facebook.

At the casino, we’d keep losing Norma and find her over in the corner catching up on her Facebook blog.

Hazle's 003 We spent most of the time sitting around the breakfast room table just being silly.

The later it got, the sillier we got. When I got home I went right to bed at 8 p.m. and slept right through for 10 hours – a first for me in many, many years.

I awoke feeling refreshed and ready to rejoin “my other” life again.

Gene and Awtry.  That’s what Hazle and I called

each other in College.  We can’t remember why.


11 thoughts on “Cruisin’ the coast

  1. Well, it was nice to see you girls had your usual good time this past weekend! Emily, you spoil us with your (almost) daily blog! When I didn’t see your article
    for a couple of days, I was beginning to get concerned!! Gary must have really enjoyed himself, with such a group of goodlooking, fun loving, “party” girls! Take care!

  2. But…we did miss you though. We’re planning our next trip to Beth’s beach house in Perdido for January. I’ll get you a date as soon as I can.

  3. Marie will kill me – I call her a cougar because she likes younger men! Thus, her new ride – a Toyota Camry has been named the Cougar Mobile.

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