Culinary marathon in Noshville

hamburger head

We’ve begun calling it Noshville rather than Nashville, because it seems our favorite activity is noshing down all kinds of food – low country, high brow, and everywhere in between. This weekend we participated in another marathon – this time involving the taste buds.

Above you can see Mr. Hamburger Head.  That’s my son, William, with a hamburger that defied imagination.

farmers market Next, we visited the massive Farmer’s Market which takes  up five warehouses and even at this early date, no vegetable was left behind.

The next stop was Bound’ry, which has become our favorite because of the atmosphere and broad menu allowing for my childlike tastes and my boys’ more sophisticated palates.

We tried a new restaurant called Sambuca which was my all time favorite.  Check out the fried cheesecake below right.

fried cheesecake Braddock, below, is eating seaweed served with grilled lamb. Ick on both accounts.  Where did they learn to like this stuff?  Never got it in my kitchen!

At the end of the day we headed for the Ryman Theatre to attend the Garrison Keillor show. William led me on a hike down the railroad tracks which he said was a shortcut from the restaurant to the Ryman.

Well almost.  At the end of the line, the gate was locked and we had to pick our way back trying to beat the train. I  looked like a  country bumpkin in search of a place to take a nap. William was unflappable in his suit, while I had  mud on my face, a big disgrace. Somebody better put me back in my place.

Keillor was great and I’ve got a crush on a man who admits he has a face made for radio.  He may not be terribly attractive, but he has that something that appealed to me.  Oh, and that voice.

seaweed Seaweed?  I don’t think so.

bums on the rails Tripping down the rails in my three inch heels was not what the pediatrist would have recommended. William reminded me we were on an “adventure.”

coffee wisdom I loved this poster  in the Farmer’s Market.  Everyone knows I drink way too much java.  I tried to buy the sign, but I think it had been there since the market opened early in the last century.

Since we’ve spent the last two weekends in Nashville and I want to go back for a concert in May, I should probably look for an apartment in the city.

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  1. emily you can find this poster @…it caught my attention also..sums me up pretty darn good

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