Curb hunger pains the delicious way


Picture this. It’s 8 p.m. and your early dinner is only a memory. You’re dying for a snack, but know a sugary something is not the best way to go.

Here’s a snack that ought to stop you from, well, snacking: whole-grain bread dipped in olive oil. It really works.

bread dipping - 2
That’s because olive oil is rich in a special appetite-controlling kind of fat. Wow, a fat that may help with weight control! That’s something to write home about.
Getting the Message
Olive oil contains oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat. Upon reaching the small intestine, oleic acid triggers the production of oleoylethanolamide (OEA), another fatty substance. OEA then finds its way to nerve endings that carry a hunger-curbing message to the brain. And that message is loud and clear: “Hey. Stop eating! You’re full!!” Researchers are hoping that new appetite-suppressing drugs using OEA will be developed to reduce obesity

I usually put a tsp or two in a bowl and add some jarred minced garlic and herbs such as basil, ground black pepper. I slice up a toasted Thomas Brand Multigrain Light English Muffin (which I have to drive to Tuscaloosa to buy). They are great, with a whopping 8 grams of fiber in each muffin and costing you only ONE weight watchers point. (Not that I’m counting.)

I also hear that if you’re craving chocolate, you can eat a dill pickle and the craving will evaporate! I’ll be trying that soon, since my chocolate supply was consumed on New Year’s Eve.

3 thoughts on “Curb hunger pains the delicious way

  1. Gee, I hope this will keep me from craving my Kozy Shack Flan.. a pretty good substitute for Nick’s Creme Brulee.

  2. Emily,
    I’ll answer that one. It’s a cup of flan (Mex. egg custard) in clear plastic individual tubs with a cardboard label on top in the frozen section of lots of stores — maybe four to a pack. If you look where there is a fairly high population of folks from Mexico, you might have more success in finding this stuff. You might find it at Walmart. I found it at the little grocery Walmart store near the house. It was close to the produce section.

    When I found out that I couldn’t have gluten, I used to eat their puddings alllll the time as it states right on the package that it’s gluten free. Then, I found out I was having immune reactions to dairy casein (protein) as well, but I still get the flan for my mother who is only gluten free, and eats only soft foods.


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