Cut off your auto-pilot today

asleep at the wheel Asleep at the wheel?

When I was younger I wanted to be older, and when I got older I wanted to be younger. When I was living in one place I wanted to live in another, and when I was doing one thing I wanted to be doing something else. I could never just settle into where I was and what was happening at the moment.

It always seemed I wasn’t enough. What I was doing wasn’t enough, and therefore my life was never as good as it could have been.

This time each year, I reread Marianne Williamson’s “The Gift of Change,” and every year it speaks to me in a whole new way. If you’re looking to live your life at a deeper level, I recommend you pick up this book. Or borrow mine because I’ve marked all the important passages. It’s so marked up and dog-eared, it looks like it’s ready for the trash – not on your life!

I reread the entire book last night and was reminded not to let another year come and go while I’m asleep at the wheel. The book’s core message is that we can change the world by changing how we think and becoming a better version of ourselves.

“Until we make that breakthrough in ourselves, there will be no fundamental breakthrough in the world,” writes Williamson. “The world we see reflects the people we’ve become, and if we do not like what we see in the world, we must face what we don’t like within ourselves.”

Heavy stuff, huh?

I especially liked a quote by George Bernard Shaw. Toward the end of his life, he was asked what person in history he would most like to have been. His response was that he “would most like to have been the George Bernbard Shaw he might have been and never became.”

But I have an experiment for you today per Marianne’s suggestion. If you will approach everyone and every situation with an unspoken blessing you will experience miracles. That harried clerk in the store, silently ask God to bless him or her. When you walk into a room of people, bless everyone it in. No one will know why they feel more peaceful, but they will. I’ve tried it and it works – the person who benefits most will be you.

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  1. This is so sweet and so true. Thank you for sharing it with us. I promise to start doing this right this second.

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