Cyber Sunday is disaster


My friends are always bragging about doing their Christmas shopping on line and saving all that time standing in long lines and driving all over the place in search of the perfect gifts.


So, I figured I would follow suit this year since Christmas is fast approaching and I’m still unable to drive a car. 

Today I spent four hours ordering three items and another two trying to cancel the orders.  Neither was successful and here I sit wishing I had never attempted to become a tekkie. It’s just not in my blood.

The first item I selected was on back order and will not be available until April of 2013. Of course they don’t tell you that until the order has been placed and it’s already showing up on your credit card account.  A little late for Christmas, don’t you think? 

The second order rang up at three times the advertised price but the summary wasn’t provided until AFTER I placed the order. Plus shipping cost more than the item itself.  So I’m paying $65 for a $15 battery operated Olde Brooklyn Lantern I was getting for my parents for those times when the power goes out. 

The telephone numbers for both the offending companies are for some location in Calcutta and China where no one speaks discernable English.

Ordering online sounds good in theory, but this neophyte would have been better off if I’d thumbed a ride to Wal-Mart and just done my shopping the old fashioned way. 

3 thoughts on “Cyber Sunday is disaster

  1. Sounds like my attempt to purchase an finance program. We’re talking something simple, basically balance the check book and categorize expenses so I wouldn’t have to do it by hand anymore. Couldn’t get it installed on home computer. Got it installed on office computer, but then could only access one bank account, the one I don’t use. In all this talked to three guys – via “chat” – with I guess Indian names who all tried to get me to fix something else. Of course, I’m too dumb or tech-deprived or whatever to figure this out until the third time. Or, I might be just getting old and contrary enough to make them spend the time trying to help me, thinking that some corporate exec is going to see how much trouble I’m having and fix it. Lotsa luck, or, as Charlie Chan used to say (y’all remember him, right?) rotsa ruck.

  2. I’ve had very good results with several things from Amazon. Had one slight problem but a very sweet customer service rep solved it immediately. Ordered a pair of biking gloves on Sat., they arrived today. Now I’ve jinxed it for me. . .

    Hope you are back to your full health soon. Jac

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