Damn, I love growing old!


63rd birthday 001

Today my little group of throw-backs to the 50s gathered to celebrate our first member to reach Fifty-thirteen.  (Remember now, we are skipping the 60s.) 

But look at the women above and tell me we aren’t the most beautiful women you have ever seen.


I’ve never been so happy or felt so young.  YES!  This is life as it should always be, surrounded by people you dearly love and who dearly love you.  Makes me want to shout something French or German, like Engelbert Humperdick!

We celebrated Norma’s birthday with a wonderful brunch at Ruthie’s, then spent four and a half hours discussing our future, as in what we will do when our children try to dump us somewhere. 

Problem solved.  We are moving  into the historic Henry Clay Hotel and hiring a driver to take us to New Orleans whenever we are craving a Hurricane (the libation, not high winds). We will hire someone to clean our apartments and we’ll never wash a dish again. We will have our own beautician to come in once a week and do our hair and nails.

Once that was decided, we moved to the fun part.

Norma had just bought a “smart phone” and we tried to figure out how to use it. We spent the next hour trying to “text” each other and high fived every time the message “Hello” was received by the person sitting beside us.  Our children are probably gagging. And I’m trying to remember why we needed to add this to our list of talents.

9 thoughts on “Damn, I love growing old!

  1. It a Commercial Drivers License–I drive a church bus for the senior adults to take sightseeing trips. I live in Georgia outside of Atlanta. I’m retired and do a lot of volunteer work and read the Deluded Diva

  2. The “Salty Sisters” from ’66 have decided to build our own home for all of us to share. We haven’t worked out all the particulars but it’s sure fun to talk about!! We haven’t thought about a driver so we will add that to our list. Maybe we should build a beauty salon there too. Lots to think about!!

  3. We thought about that too. Ruthie even found an old house on Westbrook near the old school. Our “class attorney” Gary Florreich said we would run into legal problems and beside we don’t want to have to deal with repairs at that stage of our lives. The Henry Clay Retirement Center seemed a better option since we could walk to the Ritz every night for dinner. We’ve even discussed taking over City Hall – Ruthie will be mayor and the rest of us will be selectwomen! Why don’t the Salties get a floor at HC – just make sure it’s UNDER ours, because ya’ll – being younger and all – will still be rowdy.

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