Damn it Marie, the reunion is over!

marie 002 Marie and I have been working for five months to get ready for our 45th class reunion.

We did one-handed push ups, climbed up and down football stadiums, and crawled on our hands for 50 yards with our back legs straight up. We jumped through tires and almost threw up.

We ate spinach and mushrooms and drank copious amounts of water.

The reunion was last night.  It’s over, thank goodness…

Today, I went to the Starkville Cafe and had bacon, eggs, biscuits and grits with butter. I feel like I’m a real person again.

I went home and took a nap – or tried to – until Marie showed up and wanted to go work out!

For what, I asked? The next reunion is five years away.  She told me I had to begin a new training program. We are going white water rafting in October and we must shape up.

God love her. She may keep me alive for five more years.

Okay.  Here we go again.

2 thoughts on “Damn it Marie, the reunion is over!

  1. Hi, Emily! My class reunion is November in Jackson, MS. It was great to see and read of yours. You went to school with a bunch of old folks!! But, whitewater rafting: don’t know where you and Marie may go, but ‘Wild and Wonderful’ West Virginia has some of the best rafting in the Eastern USA – on the New River and Gaulley River. I have two rafting company customers, and would be glad to confer with them on your behalf, if interested. Check ’em out: ACE Adventure Center (www.aceraft.com); and River Expeditions (www.raftinginfo.com). Keep working out, and breakfast at Starkville Cafe only makes you better!! ….Larry

  2. Hey Larry, I will check it out. We were looking at Natahala not far from Knoxville. But my sources are telling me that our trip scheduled for Halloween weekend will be way too cool – water wise, and we would need wet suits. We’ve got to regroup and move it up to probably September. Would love to read about the New and Gaulley. Just keep in mind, we are old broads and don’t need anything too wet and wild! Hope you are well. You will have a ball at your reunion, this was our best. Seems everyone has lost all their inhibitions along with their youth!


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