Day two of Brenda’s retirement


By now you know that my neighbor and best friend, Brenda, sold her shop and retired two days ago.  She is so high on the freedom of not being married to that store that she’s trying to squeeze all the things she never got to do into each 24 hours.


She’s dragging me along with her, and we’re having a ball. But I have already spent my household budget for May, June and July.

Yesterday we went junking – all day. I purchased a soup tureen and eight covered soup bowls.  I needed those like a hole in the head.  Brenda convinced me I would never get a deal like that again.

This morning she called at 6:30 a.m. and said “You want to make a mad dash to Blooms and Blossoms?  We’ll be back by 10 a.m.”

Blooms and Blossoms is the greatest plant shop in the Mid-South. It’s the only place you can still find old garden Phlox, chicken gizzards and Oxalis.  You won’t find these at Lowes. Of course, I threw on my clothes and we sailed away.


I knew I was in trouble when we  finally headed home. She suggested stopping off at Lowe’s for some fertilizer.  She ran into every customer she ever had, and I sat on the hood of her car and peeled the nail polish off all ten fingers.

It is now 7:15 p.m. and we just got home. I spent the rest of my household budget through September.

I don’t know if I can afford Brenda’s retirement.

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