Daylight and darkness


Today was the coolest August day I can remember in my whole life which is pretty vast.  I spent the day on my back porch with my doors open and AC OFF. My depression melted into the crisp summer sun – yes, crisp and summer have never gone together in  my Mississippi. Today it did.

That, and Ugg, made this day spectacular. A small kitten was sitting on my side stoop when I went out to pick up the paper this morning.  She streaked away like lightening.  Two hours later (when I was dressed and  got made up) she had ventured up on the porch.  I guess I looked like an acceptable parent with makeup.

ugg 1

She was small and thin and had only one eye which suggested her mother may have abandoned her because she wasn’t perfect. I love imperfect.  I became her new mother.

I know I can catch all kinds of diseases and Lucky Dawg cost me almost $500 to get her heart worms treated. But this little waif would not allow herself to be ignored.  Before the afternoon ended she was in my lap and I named her Ugg – not because she was ugly but because my most comfortable shoes bear that name.

Now, how do I introduce her to Lucky Dawg and Rebel?

6 thoughts on “Daylight and darkness

  1. Dab a small amount of the same cologne or perfume on each of them. They will all smell alike and be more accepting of each other.

  2. Try putting Uggie in the bathroom and Rebel and Lucky Dog will sniff and smell her (and she them) under the door…..This might take a while (several days) , since she does need to get bigger before leaving them alone together, in my opinion. Good luck!

  3. Damron – you won’t do, as they say. There’s a reason they’re called Uggs. Thanks Olivia and Ron – would never have thought of that!

  4. Oh what a sweet thing to do. I hope she brings you much kitty cat love. Keep us posted. Love your porch and house.

  5. What a lucky kitty, hope Ugg brings you lots of love, comfort and happiness :)))))

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