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Health Care 2

Not usually a very political animal, I’ve been watching with interest the on-going debate on the health care bill.

I’ve decided to be “agin it” simply because the government run program in the UK seems to operate under the premise that “if you make them wait long enough for the treatment they will go ahead and die”, thus saving the state enormous amounts of money.



Medicine for the future

That seems a bit harsh for my taste.  But I respect other opinions, really I do.

What steams me the most about the bill is that Congress wants to be exempt from the proposed program and continue to receive their cushy health care coverage.

Hey, no fair. If they vote it in, they should be forced to use it for a year or two to iron out the wrinkles before  subjecting “the people they serve” to it.

I think we should all cry “FOUL” and begin looking for someone to unseat them.

Here are a few projections that you could expect if the bill passes:

* Your annual breast exam will be performed at Hooters;
*  The tongue depressors will taste faintly of Fudgesicles;
*  The only item listed under Preventative Care Coverage is “an apple a  day.”
*  Your primary care physician is wearing the pants you gave to Goodwill last month.
*  The only expense covered 100% is….  “Embalming.”
*  Your medication comes in different colors with little M’s on them.

7 thoughts on “Debating the health care bill

  1. I totally agree!!! We need to RISE UP and tell them NO WAY!!! But, as I’ve heard so many say…..”what can you do?”…I say “GREY PANTHERS” UNITE!!!

  2. Emily,
    This is my take on the government sponsored health care. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have private health insurance, will continue with it. For those who are not able to afford private insurance, it will alllow access to doctors and care that they do not presently have. If you’ve ever had to visit an emergency room, you see the throngs of people without health care who use that as their “doctor.” We’re already paying for that through our taxes-and our medical bills.
    It is irritating to think that our Congress doesn’t want to use government sponsored health care; but, I don’t want it for me, either. I want to continue with my private insurance for as long as I can pay the premiums. There are a lot of perks our Congress vote for themselves that we- as private citizens- aren’t privy too.

  3. I think it’s going to cost more in the very short long run — no, I KNOW it will.
    M.C. is going to fail in just a few short years because it was basically a flawed design in the first place, and without going into a long explanation, it was medicare that made it possible for the insurance companies to put all the low paid bureaucrats in your family doc’s office — trust me, I was right in the middle of that. Tney replaced any other medically trained person in that office. Opps, lightning! Be back soon! cuz

    I have some novel ideas, but hey, who would listen to me?
    My ideas are tied in with a more reasonable immigration plan, just like every other country in the world, even Mexico has.

  4. If this is a major problem here, and you know it’s a big part of what happened in California, then failure to be realistic both in the need for this inexpensive workforce. as well as the need to control their healthcosts, needs to be addressed in a rational way, minus the political payoffs, and attempts to get various groups to vote for things that only sound good in campaigns.

    Many who don’t live in border states may not realize this, but many, many workers from across the border do not want to live here full time, they just can provide a better living for their families by coming here certain times during the year, and sending/taking back the income to their families. American money goes alot further in Mexico and other countries south of Mexico, and thus would include Mexican border office visits, etc.

    Therefore, we would do better to provide the same non-emergency services for them on the other side of the border, specifically to these people, possibly as part of their entry process into the USA for temporary LEGAL work. Many US doctors are already volunteering their services on the border anyway, and the labor force and less stringent regulations and other complications down there would make the cost a fraction of what it is on this side of the border. It would also be a good way to train a very competent medically trained workforce using Mexican nationals to staff the hospitals, and help in building up their middle class. Since the US money earned here can buy alot more there, it would also enable many legal aliens to be able to afford to pay for routine visits themselves with what they earn here.

    This may only be a fraction of the problem nationally, but here, it’s a major concern — we just lost our hospital to the local government for a public hospital just a few days ago, so this is very current for me.

    I believe that part of the problem with some of the people who use emergency rooms for non-emergencies instead of clinics that have been set up for them is the perception that the care in the ER is better while the clinic care is sub-standard.

    I think the way to remedy that would be to have the clinics built adjoining the emergency rooms, and have a layered system of rapid triage such that the perception would be that the care is equal throughout the building, which, of course, would be absolutely correct.

    The need for lots of added security is always an added cost in these kinds of facilities, but that will be true wherever.

    Sick care is always going to be given here, paying or not, it’s just keeping the costs contained without bankrupting the country which is what the government will do if we don’t speak up and work to find good alternatives.

    There have to be other solutions, and I realize that these would take care of a portion of them only, but believe me, in practical terms our choice with a single payer system won’t be a real choice at all. That’s the case with MC right now, though, on paper, it isn’t.

    If you want to read what government healthcare is like, just google the words “VA Hospital, Houston, Complaints” and see what you can read there. I can guarantee you, it’s worse than that!


  5. Weren’t you a nurse in a past life? I remember you worked for the VA.

    Very thorny topic. Thanks so much for your point of view. I am very confused about the whole issue, and after listening to the pundits, have no idea who to believe. I have to think I’m not the only one who doesn’t trust anyone on television any longer – and especially not an elected official.

  6. Em,
    I only know what I’ve experienced, and it’s not a pretty sight. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you what goes on, so I won’t.
    Sometimes skepticism is a good thing.

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