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Fall is the most beautiful time of the year in my part of the world.  Over the last two weeks, the trees have burst into shades of orange, yellow and reds.


I’m not above sneaking around to beg a few clippings off the most spectacular.  If anyone knows how to prolong or preserve the color of branches like those in the lead shot, please let me know.

Luckily I have a neighbor with several magnolia trees, and she has given me carte blanche to snip at will. 

A trip to the Starkville Public Library’s First Monday book sale netted me some old classics for a touch of color.  All it takes is a vintage pail and some leaves from Mother Nature to make this fall-worthy centerpiece. Chunk magnolia leaves into a bucket. The arrangement works best if you place tall leaves in the back and shorter leaves in the front. 

Happy Fall ya’ll. 

8 thoughts on “Decorating au naturelle

  1. Emily, I think I remember hearing that standing the branches in a bucket of water with glycerin added will preserve the color and make the branches and leaves plyable.

  2. When I lived in Maine the locals preserved fall leaves by soaking them in Automobile antifreeze. I don’t know how long, but I know that my landlord had a “wash pan” that she filled half with antifreeze and soaked colored leaves before she hung them to dry.

  3. If anyone answers your request with info on on preserving fall colors, please post that info on your blog. I brought back the brightest most beautiful aspen leaves from a recent trip out West. They shriveled and turned ugly fast.

    I liked your bouquets!

  4. Mother used to have a recipe for preserving fall foliage but alas, I wasn’t all that interested in those days. It was glycerine and something and she would stick the limbs in and leave for days. But they would last years.

  5. When preserving branches/leaves in glycerin water, use a hammer to bruise the base of the stem so it will absorb more of the glycerin.
    Did this years ago with holly branches and they lasted forever…well, almost.

  6. Loved all of the decor you’ve shown. I know like a couple of other comments, didn’t have the interest back long ago when others did things. Now, I’m ‘older, wiser… And the tiniest bit trained’ so, the trick here that come s back is: trim the branches, “crush” the stem bottom w/ a hammer, mallet..whatever, set in Glycerin, ANTIFREEZE DOES have something in it that works too. Soak thru, hang for a few weeks (@ Christmas A TRICK 4 myself….just “BAG THE ENDS OF STEMS, TIE OFF & USE ANYWAYS AS THEY’RE DRYING [ on the mantel for me] ).
    I didn’t give anything new, but hope it helps…
    Merry Christmas to All (who Celebrate His Birth)

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