“Dirt Cheap Saturday” satisfies in triplicate

dirt cheap Sat 013

My girl friends and I spent an afternoon engaged in a little retail therapy guaranteed to pull us out of the winter doldrums.  It worked and we didn’t spend a penny, well except for lunch.

Marie and I even got a deal on that since our order got mixed up and we got dessert for free! (Okay, so we mumbled our order on purpose.)

Olivia and Norma (above) found the perfect prom dress at Dirt Cheap– now if we can just find a prom to attend. If you haven’t spent some time in Dirt Cheap, you don’t know what you’re missing.

dirt cheap Sat 015 Marie found a pair of sun shades equipped with it’s own set of mini blinds.  What a novel idea!  Just shut the blinds and take a nap.

We spied a “genuwine” rabbit fur for about $9.99 but it had three sleeves.  Perfect for that three armed person you might know.

dirt cheap Sat 010

We also found quite possibly the world’s ugliest sofa on sale for a song.  We wanted to get it for Norma for her birthday, but she became ill, so we passed it up. Now that I look at it more closely, I’m almost positive I used to own that sofa back in the ’70s.

Here’s the Dirt Cheap Crew – We may have a new tradition for the dark days of February.

dirt cheap Sat 007

Anyway, it was perhaps the perfect day spent with those special friends who have been there for each other since we wore saddle Oxfords and pigtails.  We were celebrating Norma’s (far right) entry into the year of Fifty-fourteen.  The rest of us aren’t far behind.

We learned three things:  1)retail therapy doesn’t require that you empty your bank account,  2) you’re never too old to act really, really silly, and 3) you haven’t lived until you’ve been kicked out of Dirt Cheap for disturbing the peace.

7 thoughts on ““Dirt Cheap Saturday” satisfies in triplicate

  1. Sometimes, it is just as much fun to me to go looking even, if i don’t buy anything. I know you had fun.

  2. Olivia looks so THIN. Alabama clearly agrees with her. Sounds like a wonderful day!

  3. Let’s see, Tom. Seated from left – Carolyn Blair, Vicki Shurden Hill, Marie Portera and Me. Back – Ruthie Stafford Weathers, Olivia Catledge Portera, Lucille Deas Armstrong, and Norma Clark Atkins. So who didn’t you recognize? Good to hear from you. Where are you these days?

  4. Helen – ALWAYS have such fun with the “girls”. I think we’ve grown closer since we hit “middle age” – Funny how middle age keeps getting older!

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