Déjà vu all over again


Seven years ago yesterday, my sons and I were glued to the television set watching Katrina as she aimed her evil eye on New Orleans.

mardi gras

Low and behold we did it again yesterday. We stayed up most of the night helping my son, William, celebrate his birthday and watching another hurricane move into New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

William said Katrina was the worst birthday gift he ever received.  Not only did he have to leave his home, but his career was put on hold for three months.  Eventually he was forced to move to Nashville to continue his employment with the Loews hotel chain.

We couldn’t believe it was happening again.  Isaac wasn’t nearly as bad as Katrina, but tell that to the citizens of the Big Easy and the Gulf coast who were once again forced from their homes, never knowing if anything would be there when they returned.

Both my boys grew up in New Orleans in the 80s, and we have such great memories of the culture, the people, the food, the Mardi Gras, the Saints…

We were to have been in New Orleans yesterday but changed our plans at the last minute and met in Nashville instead. Good thing we did. But we were there in spirit.

One thought on “Déjà vu all over again

  1. My sister and her husband opted to stay in their home during Katrina as they lived far enough from the gulf in Gulfport and had never experienced any flooding. Do you remember the huge spillover that came over the interstate? They did not have time to get out and climbed into their attic watching the water rise to the ceiling and their furniture, including a piano, float around the rooms bumping the ceilings. They were looking for something to break a hole in the roof when the water finally began to recede. They lost everything in their home and it had to be gutted and completely rebuilt on the inside. Can’t believe they opted to remain in Gulfport again!!!

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