Do us a favor, Oprah, take Martha with you


By now you may know Oprah will announce today that she is taking her show and going to the house.

Martha Stewart, art thou listening?  You’ve hung around way too long and paradise is beginning to, well, SMELL! Not a good thing.

oprah and martha My friends know about my love-hate relationship with Martha.  I listen to her radio network whenever I’m in the car because she has good people doing worthwhile shows for “NORMAL” people.

At least once a day, the queen comes on and insists making something like pecan martinis in a shaker or parsnip cupcakes in the blender – so of course, you are rescued from actually having to hear her voice.

The funniest one had her explaining how to hot glue rhinestones to her ankle bracelet.  HELLO. Would someone please inform her we cannot SEE her on the radio!

rachel and martha The arrogance of Martha Stewart is legend, yet I  was stunned yesterday when she was interviewed on CBS morning news.  She blamed her failing revenues on having to go to jail.

She takes no responsibility for her actions. She berated her competition – specifically Rachel Ray – who she said cannot measure up to the ubiquitous Martha Stewart standards.

I can tell you with whom I’m rather spend Thanksgiving!  It ain’t Martha.

Standards, Martha?  Nada, you second rate jailbird.  I’m sick of looking up your nose as you show us how to cook and decorate with Snoop Dog at your side panting like a little puppy.  Just what I always wanted – a rapper in my kitchen to help me prepare the Thanksgiving dressing.

The world would be a better place without people like Martha Stewart.  Oh, and Dr. Phil.

Oh, my gosh, I’ve worked myself into a frenzy.  Sorry if you’re a Martha Stewart devotee. But I had to get that off my chest. Now I can go back to stenciling turkeys on the dining room mantle.

2 thoughts on “Do us a favor, Oprah, take Martha with you

  1. You are so right. I’ve never liked Martha and her snarky comments about Rachel Ray were uncalled for. I for one would much prefer to hang out with RR than Martha. As for Oprah leaving, yahoo. She has so forgotten where she came from and what she used to believe in. Glad to see her give up her “stage”

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