Do you twitter?


People keep asking me that.  So I went and looked it up.

“Twitter – to chitter: make high-pitched sounds, as of birds .”  So I guess the answer is, “No I rarely twitter.  People think I’m crazy enough as it is.”


Of course, twittering has assumed a whole new meaning since the advent of the website that bears the name.  It enables users to send and read what other people are up to. Their mini blogs are called Tweets and they are limited to 140 characters. Not much for those of us known for our verbosity. For the life of me, I don’t get the attraction.

Do I care what Jeremiah Dumas is doing at this moment?  (Sorry Jeremiah.  He’s a real person who is running for public office in my town.  I absolutely LOVE that name and am using it  for a main character in a short story I’m writing.)

Users say it’s strangely compelling watching messages from other people come rolling in on Twitter. As one of my “twittering friends” noted: ” Twitter is simultaneously a complete waste of time and a genuinely rewarding experience.”

I guess that describes most of the internet.  Lord knows, I spend enough time jotting down my inane thoughts and activities.  And like watching a train wreck some people keep logging on, if my stat reports are accurate.

If I were to twitter right now it would read:  Raining outside. Cleaning out my closet and looking for a diversion to keep me out of the refrigerator.

Compelling, huh?  I just don’t get it.  Anyone else out there stumped by this phenomenon.

One thought on “Do you twitter?

  1. Emily, I looked at “twitter” too… I decided my life already had too many interruptions, diversions, etc… gee what next…will be carrying video cameras lkie our cell phones so people can keep up with us?

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