Doctors, hospitals and plumbers – can’t trust ‘em


Sometimes you get sick and you go to the hospital or the doctor, then you get sicker.

I wish I had listened to Elizabeth Gwin (age 102) – “Just don’t go to the doctor and you won’t have to worry,” she declared.

I wish I had listened to her. I went to the hospital to get a prescription for pain – something I could probably have bought from someone on the corner – now I’m caught up in a web of deceit that boggles the mind.

I spent a fortune on an MRI and was referred to a doctor in Tuscaloosa.  I couldn’t get the results of the MRI unless I paid almost double what I’d already spent. 

What?  I already paid for it. No wonder our health care is in shambles. 

I’m furious.  Doctors and hospitals are worse than plumbers. And you can’t find a good plumber either. If you find one, don’t trust him.

4 thoughts on “Doctors, hospitals and plumbers – can’t trust ‘em

  1. I am sorry that you are in such pain. You can laugh, even at that! Hope the doctor in Tuscaloosa will find out what ails you and let the cure begin. I do not think Eliz Gwin hurt as much as you do! To add insult to injury the hospital takes a picture, then won’t evaluate it? Geez! Pay the price and they will! What is thisworld coming to?

  2. I was probably too hard on the horsepital. They are trying to make money – but after spending 30 minutes in that tube I feel I deserve to own the film.

  3. Emily, i have had 3 MRI’s done and each time I requested a copy. The lab burned a CD for me. You have

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