Doggone vittles look pretty good

Hazle's 037

During our weekend foray at Linda Hazlewood’s coastal home this weekend, I learned that she has a domestic side I didn’t expect.  She makes her own dog food!

Hazle's 010 Alpo doesn’t look like this! It looks good enough for a king – or a husband!

Why, I asked her?  It’s so easy to open a can of Alpo and be done with it.  I guess she’s just a good dog mama who has found her Scotties are healthier and happier with their homemade fare.  Wood and Missy dived into their morning vittles while we looked on wishing we had some.

Hazle's 009

“I spend a few minutes once a week preparing the food then I store it in Tupperware containers to dish out every morning,” said Hazel, while Norma and Barton took notes.   “It’s basically a mixture of ground turkey, brown rice, carrots and peas.”

“You reckon Bobby would eat that?” mused Barton. 

“Dadgum it, I think Bubba would eat that too,” exclaimed Norma.  Both decided they could feel their husbands AND their canines the concoction and save a few trips to the market.  Here’s the recipe in case you want to cook up something sure to please your male friends and your dogs. 

Hazle's 007 Hazle’s Dog and Husband Chow Down

2-1/2 pounds ground turkey

1 cup dry brown rice cooked according to package directions (she uses a rice cooker)

1 bag frozen carrots and peas

She cooks the turkey in a skillet only until pink, then adds the rice and frozen vegetables. No salt, she warns. She stirs it all together until the vegetables are heated, then dumps into a large bowl.  It lasts approximately a week.

Hazle's 006

Wood and Missy wait patiently while Hazle prepares their breakfast.  Think Bubba and Bobby would be as forebearing.  Nah. 

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  1. Sounds like yall had a great time. Plan your next trip to come see me in Gulf Shores. I really like it here and would love for everyone to come down! Carolyn

  2. I heard you had flown the coop! Can’t wait to hear about it. Planning to come down in January to Beth’s place at Perdido. How far are you from there?

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