Dom’t blame me for typos, blane my keyboard

where are the letters 003

Oftrn, whem I’m feeling bored or blue, or even giddy with joy, I go bang out a few essays on my computrr, much the way I once banged out tunes on my piano when I was youngrr. It’s a sort of therapy.

Since I no longir have a piano, my Sony kryboard is taking a beating. I have a laptop, but don’t use the built-in kryboard because it has a nasty habit of erasing rverything I’ve written for no good reason. I finally hooked up an auxiliary keyboard to the laptop which makes it virtually non-portable.

A house guest asked to use my computer to check her e-mail a few days ago. A “hunter and pecker” by nature, she took one look at my aging keyboard and said “forgrt it – I can’t rrad the keys because they’re almost completely worm off!”

Gee. I never noticed that, but it rxplains why every time I type my name, it comes out Rmily. The “E” now looks like an “I” and it’s next to the “R” which looks more like an “E”. (See Above)

What’re the keys to the right of the “B”? I don’t have a clue. They’re missing in action so to speak. The “G” and “H” don’t have long left in this world. And what is that to the left of the “Y”?

Thankfully I took typing in high school and don’t have to hunt and peck all that much. But I bet my faulty keyboard is the cause of msot grammatical snafus and ALL typos.

Has nayone else experienced disappearing keyboard letters on the computre?

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