Don’t be a victim of “boomeritis”


Suffering from insomnia, I flipped on the television around 2:30 a.m. and discovered a doctor discussing what she called “boomeritis.”  My ears perked up because I suspect I’m a victim.


She described this medical condition which results in chronic inflammation in the body which brings on all the “itises” like arthritis and  pancreatitis and pain in our extremities.  The culprit, she maintains, are all the refined carbohydrates  (especially sugar) which the baby boomer generation holds so dear.

Stress also plays a huge role and lack of sleep.  Inactivity and excess fat around the middle also release the evil chemicals that help the inflammation run rampant.

The remedy is a balanced diet – heavy on fruits, vegetables, lean protein and good fats. She suggested that faith, hope and forgiveness also play a role in releasing inflammation fighting chemicals.

boomer chair I liked her holistic approach and vowed right then and there to get back on the low carb program I followed during the month of January.  I drifted across the line last weekend and I’m blaming Super Bowl festivities.

What really got my attention is when she said “Be kind to your body for two days, and it will respond.” That means I can be well by Thursday!

I googled “boomeritis” and here’s what else I found:

Boomeritis is a parasite which feeds off of the fruits of postmodernity. Those inflicted often lose themselves in a solipsistic playground of self-indulgence where, under the banner of pluralism, they place themselves at the center of the universe, only to awaken one day in a barren wasteland of self-deception and spiritual impotence.

Under the hypnotic gaze of Boomeritis, multiculturalism becomes rigid identity politics; pluralism becomes fascist political correctness; and ecological sensitivity becomes the Unabomber.

Treatment: High doses of humility and humor.

I can do that…..

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