Don’t worry, he’s an outside spider

spider 002

May I introduce Elvis, my new pet spider. Now I’m not sure of his pedigree so if anyone recognizes him as a dangerous breed, please let me know.

I despise anything smaller than a poodle so it’s puzzling why I decided to let Elvis live. I discovered him this morning dangling from a small thread above my old claw-footed bathtub which I use as a flower garden. I rushed inside to get the Bengal and deliver a lethal dose. As I prepared to squirt, I swear he looked at me with the most mournful expression. Or was it a smirk? Whatever, I couldn’t do it.

Halloween is just around the corner and he will make a nice addition to my decorations. Speaking of which, it’s about time to get out the pumpkins. My friend Norma and I went to Hobby Lobby last year after Halloween and picked up a dozen or so fake pumpkins – got them for a song because everyone else was buying Christmas decorations. Now if I can just find where I stashed them…..

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