Downsizing? Small gardens rock!

potty gardening

More and more of my contemporaries are selling their rambling, family-sized homes and moving into garden homes or condos with little more than a balcony on which to grow a few plants.

I did it 12 years ago and love the freedom of having only a postage stamp sized garden.

I add a few beds each year, and would you believe, I can now mow my yard in 4.39 minutes!    I’m going for a flat four.

You would be amazing how much stuff you can pack into a pint sized garden. The trick is keeping it from looking chaotic which I haven’t mastered yet.

color in front

Here are a few tricks you might keep in mind when planting your summer annuals to spice up the color scheme according to Better Home & Gardens.

Place your most vivid colors in the forefront with foliage plants in the back.

It tricks the eye into thinking the garden is much larger than it is.

Container gardening is also a great way to go.  I installed one of those brass ornamental water sprinklers that sprays in a wide circle in the middle of a grouping of pots.  All I have to do is turn on the water about twice a week and my pretties are growing happily.  Just make sure they all have the same water needs.

portable gardens Here’s a good idea for those of you who have porch rails or picket fences.  You can plunk store bought plants in a row of colorful pails which sell for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Instant Garden!

I found some hooks to hang them with.  But I bet you could use those plastic gargabe  ties in a pinch.

Heck, if you’ve got a window, you can easily plant a window box.  Mine is one of those plastic ones sitting on metal brackets Braddock installed for me.  It is planted with perennials –  heucheres and sedum.  They come up each spring and begin to bloom without any effort on my part.  In the winter when the die back I usually fill the box with pinecones, a couple of candles and some red balls at Christmas.


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