Dressing in a duster



In all my life I’ll  never forget my mother running around the house in her “Duster.”

Do you remember the Duster? 

It was that attire that allowed you to go to the door and receive mail, or messages, but  not really present yourself to the public.

The Duster came to mind tonight as I walked Rebel and Lucky Dawg from the park.


Brenda came out in her “Duster.”  She looked as beautiful as the year she was named Miss Hospitality and runner up to Miss Mississippi.  We discussed how to prune our garden Phlox, and suddenly  I remembered my mother –in her duster.

3 thoughts on “Dressing in a duster

  1. They still sell them! At least they did about 5 yrs. ago. My mother asked me to get her a duster to replace her old one and I was able to find one with snaps down the front as requested. I guess the ladies of that generation got “hooked” on them!

  2. Do you think they called them dusters because that’s what they did while wearing them. Dusted, and dusted -ergo “dusters”. Hmmm. The people studying the pyramids should look into this.

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