Early Light

Today is Monday, April 28. It is the 119th day of the year with 247 remaining in the year 2008. Do you have a plan? Remember that the world will get out of the way for a man with a plan.
Today is National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day which resonates with me since I live with a Boston terrier named Rebel.

On this date in history in 1959 Arthur Godfrey was seen for the last time in the final telecast of “Arthur Godfrey and His Friends” on CBS-TV. The show had been a part of the CBS lineup for 10 years.

In 1985 The little town of Parker, Texas, reported a 2 – 1 ratio of tourist to residents. Some of the good citizens of the town of just over 1,000 residents were not pleased, either. Some 2,100 tourists each day converged on the town to visit Southfork Ranch, the home of the Ewing family of the CBS-TV hit “Dallas.”

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