Early Light: A solution for worriers


I come from a long line of worriers – mostly from my mother’s side.

I worry that the world will end before I lose that last 10 pounds. I worry about the tires falling off my car, or my old house sliding off its conventional foundation.

worryI worry about losing my job, then I remember I don’t HAVE a job.

My grandmother worried about a tree falling on her house although there wasn’t a big tree within a half mile of her place.

My mother worried we would get “mutations” from sitting too  close to the television set.  She placed our chairs so far from the set, you could barely see it!

I read somewhere you should reserve all your worries for 3 – 3:15 on Thursdays.  That didn’t work for me – I worried that wasn’t enough time to worry properly.

timer Today I read you should buy a small kitchen timer.  Set it for five minutes and allow yourself to worry away.  If you’re sad, cry.  If you’re angry, go ahead and get really mad. Throw something.

When the timer rings, get up and go on with your day, worry free.

I think I’ll try that today.  But then I recall what a very wise man once told me. “If you’re worried about it, pray about it.  And if you pray about it, don’t worry about it.”  That seems a better option.

Now, go out and have a worry-free day.

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