Early Light: Blink and the year’s half over

time marches on

Time marches on….

Is it just me, or is this year flying by? Today is July 1, 2008. This is the 183 day of the year with exactly 183 days remaining until 2009!

On this day in 1862 the infernal revenue service was established. It all started with the big bills the U.S. was running up fighting the Civil War. To help pay for the war, Congress established the Bureau of Internal Revenue. President Abraham Lincoln signed the bill into law, making it possible for the feds to collect a three percent tax on incomes ranging from $600 to $10,000, and five percent on incomes over $10,000. Several precursors to the law were never officially enacted or enforced, and this law was just a temporary one…

The Bureau became the Internal Revenue Service in 1913. It was then that a 16th amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution permitting the Federal Government to once again collect a tax on income. Through a complicated system of rules, the Internal Revenue Service became the official collection agency and the reason why U.S. citizens all shudder and shake annually on April 15.

Mr. Zip

This is also Zip Code Day. In 1963Birthday greetings went out to Mr. Zip of the United States Post Office. He’s the character seen on the sides of mailboxes and on posters created to help educate people to use the 5-digit ZIP (Zone Improvement Program) code. Mr. Zip now has new members of the family. There are four digits after the original five, to get that mail to you even faster. No matter what you call it it’s still snail mail to us.

Among other things, July is noted for being National Ice Cream Month, National Hot Dog Month and National Horseradish month. I’m declaring it National SLOOOOW Down Month.

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