Early Light: Celebrate Gorgeous Grandma today!

better grandma

See what I mean – they’re all gorgeous.

Since most of my girlfriends fall into the category of Gorgeous Grandmothers, I was delighted to learn that today has been declared their day. I’m not making this stuff up. Google “Gorgeous Grandma Day” if you don’t believe me.

Unfortunately I don’t qualify for membership because 1) no grandchildren so far;and 2) I don’t take particularly good care of my body and mind. I probably would if I could find some grandchildren.

Who is a Gorgeous Grandma? She is every woman over 50, 60, or 70 who:

-Believes she has her whole life ahead of her, not her whole life behind her.
-Wants to get the most out of every day of her life.
-Wants to thrive, not just survive.
-Cares for her mind and her body.
-Remains adaptable to life’s bittersweet as well as sweet.
-Cherishes herself as much as she cherishes her loved ones.
-Refuses to remain static, who is always open to learning, to new ideas, to new challenges and to new experiences.
-Loves life, and lets everyone know it!

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