Early Light: Celebrate today with a coke

Today is May 8, 2008, the 129 day of the year. There are 237 days remaining until 2009.

On this day in 1886, Dr. John S. Pemberton first sold his secret elixir for Coca Cola. It was originally used for medicinal purposes. So Dr. Pemberton went to the right place to sell his new product: Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, GA.

Three years later, Dr. Pemberton figured that his secret formula had been enough of a success for him to sell out. He did just that, for $2,300. Even in 1889 dollars, $2,300 was a mere drop in the bucket for what the still very classified, secret formula would be worth. That formula is now used in a product that sells about 350 million cans and bottles a day in nearly 200 countries. That’s enough secret elixir for every man, woman and child on earth to consume 25 times a year.

It wasn’t until 1894 that a creative young candy merchant, Joseph A. Biedenharn, had the bright idea to bottle the drink so it could be consumed anytime, anywhere. The rest is history. The Biedenharn Candy Comany in Vicksburg, Miss. is now a museum visited by thousands of tourists each year.

On this day in 1945, the free world celebrated V-E Day. The Allied Forces had achieved victory in Europe with the unconditional surrender of Germany. The surrender had been made official on May 7th at Reims, France.

Favorite quote of the day:  “I believe in looking reality straight in the eye and denying it.” Garrison Keillor

One thought on “Early Light: Celebrate today with a coke

  1. Remember when cokes came out of a machine in those little green bottles with the town in which they were bottled stamped on the bottom? If you caan remember, I can pretty much guess your age.

    We used to fight to get one bottled in another town other than our own.

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