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Today is Friday, May 16, 2008. This is the 137 day of the year with 229 days remaining.

I am reading a book by Julia Cameron entitled “The Artists Way.” Its a groundbreaking, life changing work on how to gain a new perspective on life and how to experience a heightened flow of energy and creativity. I hesitate to mention it because I tend to run hot and cold, and was afraid my initial enthusiasm might wane or that her philosophy would take a radical turn or seem too “new age.” (I’m an old age kind of a girl.)

I feel safe bringing it up now that I’m in my third week of reading and studying the book, devouring it really. I love it so much that I have meted out one chapter a week to make it last longer. When I finish it, I will read it again. And again. This author is amazing, and each page contains more useful information than the thousands of non-fiction books I have read while seeking something just beyond my grasp.

One exercise that Julia recommends is to begin each day with what she calls the “Morning Pages” – three notebook pages of hand written conversation with yourself. Unlike a diary or journal where you record events in pretty prose, this is a way of siphoning off all the negativity and constant self-flagelation we heap on ourselves.

The morning pages enable us to get past all our griping, whining, kvetching, and complaining to make room for more positives in our day. It gets all that stuff out of our heads rather than letting it go drip, drip, drip all day.

Today mine went something like this “I can’t believe I bought that gold jacket – it makes me look jaundiced. I hate the IRS – wonder why it’s taking so long to get my refund check. My refrigerator is making a heavy breathing noise – what’s that about?… and so on.” After you finish, you shut the book and don’t look at it again.

This sound silly, but it’s working for me. Today, I noticed that my whining has reached shouting proportions but once I was done, I felt refreshed and ready for anything. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is feeling stuck in a rut. Julia’s basic premise is that we need to step up and have the courage to try new things “Leap and the net will appear,” she assures us. A great read for anyone who is changing careers or the direction of their lives.

Deludeddiva Rating ***** (5 out of 5)

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