Early Light: Not all cell phones should be answered


“Dingalingaling” goes the mockingbird.

I had a funny experience during my morning walk today. I headed out the door just after hearing a news report that cell phones may cause health concerns like brain tumors and such.

As I wandered along the tree lined streets I ruminated on the dangers of technology. Suddenly, I heard my cell phone ringing just above my head. What the….? Was this some kind of message from heaven?

I took a closer look up in the tree and discovered a single mockingbird singing my cell phone signal at the top of his lungs. He had perfected the very sound that emanates from my phone. I’ve heard they can mimic sirens and ambulances, so why not the generic cell phone jingle?

I’m wondering if I can find a cell phone ring that sounds like a mockingbird. Now that would be a good thing.

Back to cell phone dangers. Among the suggestions to limit exposure is don’t allow children to use a cell phone except in an emergency.

Whenever possible use a speaker phone or BlueTooth, which has one-one hundredth of the electromagnetic emission of a cell phone. Even texting is safer, experts said, because the phone is in your hand.

And experts suggest avoiding carrying your cell phone on your body. Oh gee. I hate taking a hand bag on short excursions so I typically put it in my pocket. Could that be why I’m experiencing pain in my left hip?

Today is Thursday, July 24. It is the 206th day of the year with only 160 days remaining until we ring in the New Year. The good news is fall is just around the corner and relief from this heat.

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