EARLY LIGHT: Random acts of kindness will come back to you


Today is Thursday, September 11, the seventh anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on New York and Washington. This is the 255 day of the year with 111 remaining. In honor of those who died on 9-11, I challenge you to take a few moments to perform a random act of kindness today.

Here’s the truth about kindness: Even the smallest gesture can have a huge impact, and not just on the recipient. You feel good whenever you do good for others.

I subscribe to a weekly newsletter produced by www.realsimple.com/. Today it shared a few suggestions on spreading kindness which can reverberate around the world – or at least your neighborhood. As Southerners, we were raised to write thank you notes and take a dish to friends who are sick and grieving. But I picked up a few more I hadn’t thought about – I’m going to try out the “drive through window tip”  to see how it feels.

Here are a few you might not have considered:

  • If you know someone is going out to dinner to celebrate a special occasion, call the restaurant in advance and say you’ll pick up the cost of her wine or dessert. Most eateries will take your credit card number and charge it.
  • If someone goes beyond their job description to help you, call or send an e-mail to her supervisor praising her. The employee will get a small career boost, and the boss will probably be thrilled to hear something other than complaints.
  • Leave your extra change in the soda machine for someone else to find. Better yet, leave enough change for a soda.
  • Take a batch of cookies to the fire or police department in your town.
  • If you spot someone taking photos of their friends or family, go up and volunteer to take it so the photographer can get in the photo as well.
  • Pay for the drive-through order of the car behind you. They will have ordered by the time you pick up your food.
  • Carry a bag of candy in your auto and send one back to the bank teller through the deposit tubes at drive-through banks.
  • Take an early morning walk, carrying a plastic bag to pick up any trash in your neighborhood. Also take time to place newspapers up on the porch especially for elderly neighbors. I once knew a man in Starkville who used to drive around town at the crack of dawn, picking up papers and putting them up on the porch for the sick and shut-ins.
  • And remember what goes around, comes around.
  • If you have other suggestions I would love to hear about them. Have a kinder, gentler day!

    3 thoughts on “EARLY LIGHT: Random acts of kindness will come back to you

    1. I’ll share one with you that happened to me. I have back problems, so I have trouble sometimes loading my groceries in my car. I had a case of water on the bottom of my cart, and a younger woman came up and offfered to put it in my car for me. I was so surprised, and grateful. I’ll never forget that.

    2. Good one Paula…see, I bet you were nicer to everyone around you after that one person did such a simple kind thing for you…see how that works?

      Thanks to Jane for sending another – most local Electric Departments will allow you to add a dollar to your utility payments to help some soul experiencing difficulties in paying their bills. I’m ashamed to say I’ve not done that, but will do tomorrow when I pay my mid-month bills.

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