Early Light: Remember when…

Today is Sunday June 8 . It is the 160th day of the year with 206 days remaining in 2008.clothesline

I saw something yesterday that has become almost obsolete in this century. Someone had improvised a clothesline in their back yard. I assume their dryer was on the fritz, or they were trying to save money on their utilities.

The sight brought memories flooding back of the pesky clotheslines of my youth. They were a necessity by day, but treacherous by night when you were out playing hide and seek. You’d go streaking across an unfamiliar lawn and nearly decapitate yourself on a wayward line. They also produced towels and washcloths as stiff as skateboards. They became natural exfoliators after hanging out in the sun all day.

As late as the 1970s, you could still see outhouses in the back of many homes in rural areas-leftovers from the pre-indoor plumbing days which weren’t really so long ago.outhouse I still enjoy taking the back roads when I travel, and have made a game of counting the nearly extinct structures. Oh, and how many telephone booths have you seen lately? Wonder where they went when they died? I would love to get my hands on one to put in my garden along with my vintage plow and and black iron wash pot.

I mentioned a rotary dial telephone the other day in the presence of a teenager. “Huh?,” she said as she fingered her sleek cellphone with keys so small you’d need a straight pin to dial the numbers. Ah, those were the days. Enough living in the past. I promise to return to current events next week. I think the deaths of two friends this week has me waxing nostalgic.

One thought on “Early Light: Remember when…

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